So you have passed your test

So you have passed your test great now go out and use that licence. But the pass plus course can be great to improve your skills and build your confidence
What is Pass Plus?
Pass Plus is a course which helps to improve your driving ability. It’s available as soon as you pass your practical driving test, and often recommended within the first year of getting your licence.
If you choose to take the course, you’ll need to book an ADI (approved driving instructor). This may be your current instructor if they’re qualified to teach Pass Plus or you could call Steer Cool Driving School on 07922421628 or visit

I'm a DSA Approved Driving Instructor with experience in the driving school business and the proprietor of SCDS I have passed a check by the CRB. I use the latest teaching methods for the in-car training and it is delivered on a one to one basis.

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