Please visit our courses and prices page to see our prices there will be offers on this page from time to time so visit to check.

We will compete with and  beat  any genuine offer. Many driving schools offer 10 Lessons for £99.00 or 5 lessons for £50.00. Please don’t mistake these as being 1 hour lessons as in reality they will generally be 40 or at the most 50 minute sessions which must be taken in double sessions, which by the way is still a bargain but please read the Ts & Cs so that you know what you are getting and how many normally priced lessons you have to take to meet those terms and conditions at their regular price of 22,23,24, and in some cases 25 GBP before you get the last 4 sessions our standard lessons are £23.00 for a full 1 hour and you don’t sit at the roadside talking!


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