So you have passed your test

So you have passed your test great now go out and use that licence. But the pass plus course can be great to improve your skills and build your confidence
What is Pass Plus?
Pass Plus is a course which helps to improve your driving ability. It’s available as soon as you pass your practical driving test, and often recommended within the first year of getting your licence.
If you choose to take the course, you’ll need to book an ADI (approved driving instructor). This may be your current instructor if they’re qualified to teach Pass Plus or you could call Steer Cool Driving School on 07922421628 or visit

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Are You Being taught to drive safe ?

I am surprised at the No of people that come to me for lessons from other Schools that say they have been told they are test ready. But only know the basics when i assess their ability. Are we really letting our customers down this badly no wonder the pass rates are so low at some test centres. Here at Steer Cool Driving School we teach you to drive safe once you can drive safely you can pass your test That’s what the test does it assesses your ability to drive safely in all scenarios. Happy Driving Everyone

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Driving Test Passes

With all the recent passes at Steer Cool Driving School we are now taking on new clients in the black country West Mids for automatic lessons Hurry only a few spaces available !

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New Driving Test

With the new driving test looming Steer Cool Driving School is offering you a £30 discount to the  1st 10 new students to book and pay for 10 Automatic lessons before Dec 4th the date the test changes.

and a £5:00 discount for all 2hr motorway lessons Motorway lessons start from £30 per hour and can be done in your own car or my automatic car if you would like manual motorway lessons then they would be in your car.

Sat – Nav training is all part of the service

Thanks to all my past customers and students that have now past their test Happy Driving

Would you like to be driving soon then why not try automatic you will love it.

Thank You

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Opportunity for you

Steer Cool Driving School is currently looking to take on a Manual Driving Instructor to deliver manual driving lessons.

Steer Cool have many enquiries for manual lessons and is looking for a franchisee to cover these lessons, if you’re interested please call: 07922421628. An Approved Driving Instructor or PDI considered Terms to be agreed.

Don’t want a Franchise but need more Calls?

Have your telephone number added to this website so you get all customer enquiries direct to your phone for a small weekly charge, if interested then please call to enquire: 07922421628.

Steer Cool Driving School offer automatic lessons only, based in Wednesbury and surrounding areas. I really am getting daily enquiries for manual instructors

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Calling all Learner Drivers

If you want to pass your test quick in an automatic then give Steer Cool a Call on 07922421628 why not visit our comments page to see what our past learners are saying.

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Driving or sitting at the roadside

If you feel you are doing more talking than driving perhaps you need a new instructor for all your needs: Pay as you go, Fast Track Learning, Double Lessons, one and Half lessons, Automatic or Manual Fleet driver training and Taxi training all available at very reasonable rates Visit . Thank you for taking the time to read my blog Happy driving


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May Deals

Steer Cool Driving School will be offering some great deals in the early part of May be the 1st to call to get the best discounts on your lessons the offer is limited and only a few spaces available so be quick Both Manual & Automatic learners catered for. will be taking bookings for these Discounts from 25th April 2016  not before (Quote may discounts)1st come 1st served thank you. Visit for our everyday great prices


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2016 Automatic Lessons

With 2016 under way isn’t time you passed your practical driving test its quicker and easier to learn in an Automatic. And with Automatics being more responsive and cost effective more people are choosing Automatic lessons (we do Manual too if that’s your choice) so visit for all your driving needs

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Driving Licence Counterpart 2

Its tomorrow June the 8th counterpart no longer a legal document our advice at Steer Cool is to retain it until the system is working without any hic-ups   and still take it to Test centre just in case


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